The IBM – Mare Nostrum experience

It started out as a regular consulting and training activity, concerning organizational management, but it turned out to be an experience full of positive energy, a challenge to get out of our comfort zone and an amazing opportunity to meet 3 people, so different and yet so similar to us.

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Catalina, Karen and Vinay were part of our team, for a full month. A part of Colombia, Australia and India was brought to Mare Nostrum. They worked with us daily, analyzing our activity, asking questions, getting actively involved in our events and training us in a new work methodology. Their interest towards our NGO, their commitment and their eagerness to help us improve ourselves convinced us that we were assigned with the most exciting and passionate IBM team.

Their work was very intensive, they tried to put together a very complex analysis of our team, the way we work together, how we organize different activities, our work documents…basically everything they could find out about our management system. They were very careful with every detail and the result was great. They prepared for us a few trainings, each on a very interesting theme, very helpful in our activity: design thinking, Excel proficiency, effective presentation, Key Performance Indicators (KPI), the Agile methodology.

Apart from the useful information, our IBM-ers (as we called them) provided us a feeling of joy and friendship. And a lot of sweets and treats. Honestly, they were delicious.

Always with a smile upon their face, our 3 new colleagues felt like they belong in our team. We really connected with them and it was quite sad when the experience was over. But they know thery are welcome anytime, in Constanţa. We really hope to meet them again some day.

After their departure, we started experimenting and “playing” with the instruments and methods they suggested us. It is a very big challenge, because we are basically trying to change a lot of our work habits and the way we manage our activity. But the results are worth it. We are more connected with each others work, we are planning better, we are more efficient and effective and the challenge itself is very engaging.

We are now in a transformation process and it wouldn’t have been possible without them. Their experience and knowledge guided us toward this new begining and their enthusiasm convinced us that it is possible to implement a lot of the Agile methodology, which is very common in corporations. We are definitely taking things to a whole new level and our work style is evolving.

At the present time, we are very optimistic and hopeful to the new perspectives ahead and we want to thank Vinay, Catalina and Karen for being a part of our growth. When they will come visit us, they will discover a lot of changes here.

In the name of the whole team, a big hug and lots of positive thoughts, for our 3 new friends, each from a different part of the world!


By Andreea

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